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Do you know & own your Customers?

  • Who are your high spending customers?
  • How to make your high spending customers come back to you, again and again?
  • How many high spenders have not come back to you in last 6 months?
  • Who are your repeat customers?

  • Are you able to reward them for it?
  • How to increase customer spends at your store?
  • How to increase your profitability by creating offers based on data analysis?
  • What is the outcome of the campaigns you run?

if not... time to move forward with

“Pine Analytics” to “Grow your Business”

Adding the lense
of Intelligence

Current Information

Only related to Transactions
  • Amount
  • Where was it done
  • When was it done
  • Debit or Credit Card Used
Using analytics to
Create Effective

Pine Analytics

Deep Insights into
  • High & Low spending customers & their contribution to Profitability
  • New & Repeat Customers
  • Customer Spend Patterns
  • Customer Spend Potential
  • Potential Footfall
  • Untapped Customer Spends (Wallet Share)


Drive Repeat Business
  • Generate repeat sales from your high spending customers
  • Increase frequency of customer visits
  • Increase customer spends at your outlet
  • Reach and connect with your customers
  • Make your store a preferredstore for both new & existing customers
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