Payment processing solution that translates into
Better value, Efficiency, Security, Reliability,
Flexibility & Expansion of business

Pine Labs' Payment Platform

Plutus, a Cloud Based Platform that reinvents user's payment experience with State of art Point of Sale ( POS ) Solutions, in terms of innovation, security, simplicity and performance. Plutus caters to the needs of a variety of Point of Sale Configurations (integrated or non-Integrated), Payment Mode (Credit/ debit card, reward/loyalty points, Gift vouchers, e-Wallet etc.), in-store environments and connectivity options.

Plutus platform can transforms Payment Networks into a “Marketing and Promotions Network”, allowing retailers to reduce costs and grow their business with innovative set of value added business services like EMI, Rewards Redemption, DCC, Prepaid / Gift Cards, e-Wallet, POS promotions etc. on a single POS (Point of Sale) .


  • Easy integration with various billing applications
  • De-clutter the cash counter (single EDC machine to support credit/debit & value added transactions)
  • Web-based real time reporting tool, makes reconciliation easy
  • Handheld EDC (enabling PIN entry at customer desk ) for mobility
  • Customers pay by card, swiftly and securely


  • Reduced costs of transactions (save telecom costs)
  • Discount rate cost saves by Onus-Offus routing (Multi-Acquiring benefits)
  • Discount rate benefits by offering DCC to international customers
  • Alerts , Auto Settlement of batch to avoid late settlement penalties


  • Opportunity to expand business with Value Added Services on same POS
  • EMI/Instant EMI
  • DCC
  • Issuer Reward program
  • Loyalty
  • Promotions
  • e-Wallet
  • Gift
  • Couponing


  • Meet all compliance needs of the Banks/Regulator (TLE, UKPT, PCI DSS/ PA DSS and EMV)
  • EDC Application to securely support all transactions types and value added services.